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EnVERT® E-Vehicles Private Limited is a company that promises to serve its clients with independence, professionalism and expertise in the field of electric vehicle technology, energy efficiency solutions and quality management services. We are in the areas of design, development, manufacturing and marketing battery operated Electric Vehicles in India which include Electric Cars, Electric Three Wheeler, Electric Cycles, Electric Scooter, Customized Electric Vehicles etc.

Strategic Goals

  • Focus on Charging Infrastructure
  • Vehicle Weight Reduction
  • Cost Reduction of Electric Drive System
  • Focus on Battery Technologies and Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • Long-term Implications for DISCOMS and grid Operators
  • Creating Opportunities for Equipment & Technology Providers
  • Global Presence

EnVERT Electric Cycle EM18

EnVERT Electric Cycle EM18 comes with comes with two modes i.e. manual (pedal only) and throttle (accelerator). It is powered by AGM battery which gives up to 20 kms of ride in a single charge, with a max speed of 25 km/hr.

Full Throttle Mode (No manual pedaling)

Turn the E-Cycle (motor) on by turning the key. If the cycle moves in an average of 50% of the top speed level the battery gives maximum output.

Manual Pedaling Mode

It is just like convention cycle riding.

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  • Max speed of 25 km/hr
  • Full Charge Range 20 km with avg speed 10 kmph
  • 3-4 hours of battery charging time with up to 20 km of ride
  • Pedal assist modes
  • Made with top quality, sturdy, lightweight steel frame, with LED headlight
  • One year warranty on battery
  • Adjustable front suspension for easy ride on bumpy roads
  • 24 V AGM battery, 9 Ah
  • Weight : 25kg
  • High quality nylon tyres
  • Motor : 250W
  • Controller : 24 V
  • DC Charger

The extremely compact and quiet 250 W DC Motor with a voltage of 24V powers the EnVERT EM 18 cycle.

The cycle is fitted with bright LED headlight to make the riding experience a safer one.

A detachable battery box makes the charging easier. Carry-in charging facility for the riders who live in high risers.

Price : Rs 21000*(including GST)
*Transportation and courier charges extra
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